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I would first like to thank all the people who have sent me their comments and heartfelt support regarding the message of the book. It is a labor of love and I am happy it has met so many of its intended recipients. In order to help disseminate the message more widely and ultimately meet the book’s goal of improving college success in Black men, I have decided to make the Kindle eBook and PDF free here on the site. As always, I would appreciate comments by email and all I ask of those who appreciate the book is to leave comments on the book’s page on Amazon. See the files below for the Kindle and PDF versions. Also, feel free to disseminate these and re-post them elsewhere as you see fit. If you need another eBook format, please email me at author@blackmancollege.com. Thanks!

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Free Chapters

Free Chapters!
by higherhopes

Black Man’s College Guide – Ch. 2 Academics

Black Man’s College Guide – Ch. 5 Health and Safety

A lot of people have been asking about the content of the book and how it differs from others. I think it is best to show you for yourself. Above are two sample chapters of the eleven chapters in the book. Comment, pass to friends, and most of all, even if you don’t buy the book, comment on Amazon! Remember, the book is available at a special price of $10.99 until November 1. Afterwards, it goes back to the original price of $12.99. Kindle versions are still at a low price of $2.99!

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Welcome to the official website of Higher Hopes: a Black man’s guide to college. I wrote this book after my own college experience, talking to others, and realizing the still sad statistics of Black male performance in the college setting. Most people I met wanted to succeed and were capable of doing so but either did not know how, took bad advice, or did not realize the relative importance of how college will impact their life. Through this book I hope to encourage higher hopes–and greater success for those navigating the college maze.

About me: I went to the University of Virginia from 1998-2002 where I studied both a B.S. in Commerce and a B.A. in physics. My success in college, graduating with honors and a hard double major, was not just due to some innate aspect like talent but the fact I had gotten good advice from parents, relatives, and older mentors when I started at school. I noticed, all things being equal, those who followed the wrong path often did not realize it before it was too late. This later affected job opportunities post-graduation and the options for graduate schools like law or medicine.

I later worked in the business world from consulting to real estate and lived and did business abroad including in China and Brazil. I got my MBA at the MIT Sloan School of Management and have been in manufacturing, specifically supply chain, ever since.

The book is available in paperback and Kindle at the sidebar link to Amazon. I look forward to any feedback!

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